Honestly, I’m Jealous this Week!

Rob Miller

Have you read this week’s assignment of the next six devotionals? Days 19 thru 24. Really GREAT stuff packed in there and I’m a little jealous that Rob Miller gets to lead this week. In true “Rob-fashion”, he will have a dozen pages of notes that he’ll need to pack into 45 minutes!

All kidding aside, this week we continue with the story of Joseph….he’s now out of prison and has risen to the “number two” guy in Egypt! In what seems like a moment’s time…Joseph goes from prisoner and family-less, to the Pharaoh’s confidant and a new family.

It begs the question, “If today God gave you a new title, a new raise, a new opportunity, would you rise to the occasion?”

Let’s discuss this Friday.

Zoom option still on the table but I’ll also be set up in the treehouse for any who want to join in person. Will have camera and boom mic set up for the Zoom portion.

Enjoy the rest of the week! I’ll see you one way or another on Friday!


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