2,162…..and counting!

I looked at my Facebook page after reading this week’s lesson (devotion days 52 to 57). I have two-thousand, one-hundred and sixty-two “friends” on my page. (I wrote that out to make it seem something greater than it actually is…)

Truth be told….I’m not proud of that number. I would rather it be…..10 friends.

Why…you might ask?

Maybe you’ll feel the same after reading this week’s lesson. Yes…I have a lot of friends…but how many of those are ones that will hold me accountable, allow me to hold them accountable, and what not.

Who do you call in the middle of the night when you need to talk?

Who do you text when you’re struggling with addictions?

Who can you debate politics and not get angry with?

Who are your top three …. friends?

I think you get my point. I’d prefer the number of friends to be 10…since that seems more of a reality.

This week, our author throws us a punch in the gut about how God defines “friends”. There’s a great section on Day 55 about the three types of friends we should have. Don’t miss that part.

Luke Nelson leads us this week. Join me in the Treehouse or via Zoom.

We’ll start at 7:30 am, per usual.

Have a great rest of the week!


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