A Church Coming Back to Life

Similar to the title of this week’s “reminder”, I feel like this is my “coming back to life” with respect to posting a weekly update. Apologies as I have have been somewhat lapse in creating the weekly messages. Truth be told, work has been a little busy AND I’ve tried to also enjoy the last few days of Summer!

Mike Lenhart

But here we are …. the start of a new study series, “Beautiful Resistance” by Jon Tyson. Last week, I introduced the book. This week, I’ll continue with Chapter 1, “A Church Coming Back to Life”. If you’ve ordered the book, you’ll notice the study guide in the back section. This week, I’m going to key in on a few questions to drive our discussion.

“Pro Tip”…. browse the questions under the section called “During the Session”, then think about those questions as you read the chapter.

This is a great chapter; a baseline for the book, of sorts. If, like me, you’ve ever had moments in your life where church hasn’t mattered, or hasn’t motivated you, or simply was on the back burner, then this chapter will (hopefully) be a good nudge. On page 9, our author writes:

I have written this book to try to stir your faith that God can again use his people to bear witness to his rule and reign.

We all need a little stirring these days so grab your pen and highlighter, find a quiet place to read, and dig into Chapter 1.

Couple admin reminders:

-Sign up for a Friday or two to lead during this study series. SignUp Genius link is located in the right navigator panel on the group’s main website.

-Same Zoom invite as before. We’re continuing in a hybrid model, allowing for both in-person and virtual gatherings. Treehouse remains open on Friday mornings unless we announce otherwise!

See you this Friday beginning at 7:30 am ET. I’ll kick off our lesson at 7:45 am.


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