Thinking and Thanking

I always take stock during Thanksgiving week about what I’m “thankful” for in my life. I probably posted a similar message last Thanksgiving, and the year before….and the year before…

As I scrolled through the pictures on my iPhone, I quickly concluded about several things I’m thankful for…friends, workouts, new life, recreation, service to others, wide fairways and Army football. But most of all, I’m thankful for this group.

Enjoy your time with family and friends. We’ll gather next Friday, DEC 3rd at the normal time. I’m finalizing a guest speaker for 12/3.

I have confirmed Dr. Leighton Ford, brother-in-law to Dr. Billy Graham and currently leads a Christian-based mentorship group called “Leighton Ford Ministries” from here in Charlotte. Dr. Ford just turned 90 years “young” and is not slowing down. Dr. Ford will speak to us on DEC 10th.

Lastly, start thinking about potential books for our next study series. We’ll continue to discuss ideas and will make a decision before the end of December.

See you next week!


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