Even a Pancake Has Two Sides

Hungry yet?

I’m curious about breakfast. How many of you prefer your eggs made “sunny side up”? Meaning, only one side of the egg is cooked. If you do, then maybe this week’s chapter is not for you!

This week, we’re discussing Chapter 2 of our series, “Faithful Presence”. The chapter is titled “What is Happening Now?” Our author paints the picture of the need to listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision. One of my favorite messages that I’ve highlighted this week is on pages 18-19:

“If my goal is to solve a problem, and get to the best answer, I found there are two keys: first, an awareness that my answer might not be the best answer; and second, a commitment to hear the other side of the argument.”

Have you ever eaten a pancake that is only cooked on one side?

Rob Miller

Rob Miller leads this week and will help paint the chapter’s lesson from all sides. Reminder, also, that Rob will spend a few minutes on our planned retreat later this month.

We’re continuing all Zoom for the rest of this month so grab your coffee and dial in starting at 7:30 am ET. We’ll tackle the lesson starting at 7:45 am.


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