Tacos in Madrid?

I’ve been driving my wife absolutely crazy this past week….which is typically not anything new. But this week is especially a “gem”! We’re preparing to chaperone a little over 30 high schoolers from the church on a 10-day trip to Portugal and Spain. For 7 of those days, we’ll navigate 75 miles on the famous Camino Trail!

Back to my point about driving her crazy. I’ve mentioned more than once that I “can’t wait to eat tacos in Spain”….to which she rolls her eyes and reminds me that “tacos” come from Mexico and NOT Spain. That was just enough leverage for me to continue to drop comments all week long about “tacos in Madrid”!

As a reminder, our men’s group will continue to meet even in my absence the next two Fridays. It’s been hugely rewarding to see many of you in person in South Park….we’ll continue to have Robert’s office available, so I’d encourage you to meet there if you’re comfortable and your schedule allows. We’ll continue to provide an audio option over Zoom as well.

Luke will lead this coming Friday and Mark will lead the next Friday; chapters 3 and 4, respectively. Continue to have healthy discussions once those leaders get the “ball in play”!

I will be with you in spirit. And I’d appreciate your prayers for the group’s safe travels, open hearts, and a fully rewarding experience.

Peace, guys!