Beyond the Courtroom “Drama”

When we last met, back on May 21st, we played out a courtroom scene where King David was on “trial” for his transgressions. Thanks to everyone who played along that morning….quite entertaining!

You’ll recall that King David, played by Jon Paschal, shouted out when questioned during our mock trial in what some might have described as “losing his cool”! It was somewhat similar to Colonel Jessup on the witness stand in the film, “A Few Good Men”, where Jack Nicholson screams back at Tom Cruise, “You can’t handle the truth” (among other things he shouted).

Soon afterwards, Colonel Jessup is read his rights, and escorted out of the courtroom….and, we expect, will be scheduled for his own trial. But what about King David? What was next for him after our own mock trial?

Ernie Meland

That’s where this week’s lesson comes into play. Homework is to read devotion days 42-46. Our author talks a lot this week about confession and forgiveness. Not the kind of confession that’s a check the block moment. Rather, true repentance.

Ernie Meland leads us this week. Two options for gathering: Treehouse (in-person) or virtual over Zoom. Please join us starting at 7:30 am ET. Ernie will start our lesson promptly at 7:45 am.

Have a great rest of the week!


Checking in at The Flying Biscuit

We’re on a Memorial Day break this Friday with no “official” gathering planned. We’ll pick up on devotional days 42 thru 46 next Friday, JUN 4th. Treehouse and Zoom options are both planned for our meet up.

Throwing out the option for anyone who’s interested to meet me and others at 7:30 am at The Flying Biscuit restaurant at Park Road Shopping Center this Friday. Shoot me a text or email if you’re coming so I can grab the right size table.

Otherwise have a great holiday weekend as we honor and remember those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy!


The “not-so-heroic” Side of King David

This week begins a new section of our study series book: “No More Immorality”.

To date, we’ve completed earlier sections of:

  • No More Leaving Jesus Behind……focus on God and Jesus
  • No More Living in the Past…..focus on Joseph
  • No More Feeling Worthless….focus on Moses
Ernie Meland

With this new section, our Biblical character focus is on King David. Many of us know him from the heroic actions battling Goliath….but do you know about some of David’s immoralities? Being “king” brought many advantages….but how are those advantages viewed in the eyes of our holy Father?

Ernie Meland leads us this week. I’ve made some adjustments to the weekly assignments in order to align with the book’s sections. So for this week, your homework is to read Day 36 – Day 41.

You can view the future assignments via the SignUp Genius page:

Yes….selfishlessly, I referenced the weekly sign up page as a reminder to folks where we need men to lead. Lots of opportunities to “shine”! Please grab a day or two!

Treehouse remains open as well as the Zoom meeting space.

See everyone in-person or virtual this Friday starting at 7:30 am.


Lightening the Load

Moses has been the topic of discussion for our group since last week, and we’ll continue that discussion this Friday. I’m going to remove one day from our prescribed “homework” so things will align to the end of the current section of the book, “No More Feeling Worthless”… please read (only) devotional days 31-35.

Mike Lenhart

Last week, we heard about Moses killing a man, and then being subjected to the life as a “lowly” sheep herder. Far from the cry of leading his people to the promised land, right?

This week we learn of God’s plans with Moses, “waking him up” so to speak, and giving him what our author describes as “God-confidence” instead of solely self-confidence.

Treehouse remains open this week for anyone who wants to gather in person. We’ll also have the Zoom option as always for those joining remotely. I’m excited to lead this week…so get ready to buckle up. And I hope by saying that, I’m not exhibiting my own “self-confidence“….and pray instead for “God-confidence” to deliver the best message to you all on Friday!

Have a great rest of the week!


Feeling Rejected?

We’re up to a new section of the book titled, “No More Feeling Worthless”. Our readings this week are devotional days 25-30, and the Biblical focus character is none other than Moses.

How do we tie Moses and “rejection” into the same conversation? As you read this week’s lesson, you get a sense of how they’re connected:

  • His mother put him into a basket on the banks of the Nile River……rejection?
  • Grew up in Egypt but missed his Hebrew people…..rejection?
  • Pharaoh tried to kill him……definitely rejection!
  • Rejected by God?……let’s discuss
Jon Paschal

As our author states, “Most men handle rejection by running from it…”. Certainly this was the case for Moses…but is it the case for us too?

Jon Paschal leads us this week. Treehouse will be open starting at 7:30 am ET…and so will the Zoom. Come “in-person” to the treehouse…or dial in and join us in some fellowship before Jon starts the lesson at 7:45 am ET.

Have a great rest of the week!


Honestly, I’m Jealous this Week!

Rob Miller

Have you read this week’s assignment of the next six devotionals? Days 19 thru 24. Really GREAT stuff packed in there and I’m a little jealous that Rob Miller gets to lead this week. In true “Rob-fashion”, he will have a dozen pages of notes that he’ll need to pack into 45 minutes!

All kidding aside, this week we continue with the story of Joseph….he’s now out of prison and has risen to the “number two” guy in Egypt! In what seems like a moment’s time…Joseph goes from prisoner and family-less, to the Pharaoh’s confidant and a new family.

It begs the question, “If today God gave you a new title, a new raise, a new opportunity, would you rise to the occasion?”

Let’s discuss this Friday.

Zoom option still on the table but I’ll also be set up in the treehouse for any who want to join in person. Will have camera and boom mic set up for the Zoom portion.

Enjoy the rest of the week! I’ll see you one way or another on Friday!


Joseph….you know, the “other” Joseph!

We’re up to daily devotions 13 – 18 this week and much of the storyline if focused on Joseph. Not “Joseph” husband to Mary….but that “other” Joseph that had a multi-colored jacket, was envied by his brothers, thrown into a well…..yada, yada, yada!

Reminder of our book series is this one:

David Parker

Apologies again if some ordered a different book with a similar title but by the same author.

David Parker leads us this week. Excited for him to share his thoughts on the six devotions for our group.

Remind me to bring up possibly gathering in person once a month, as folks feel comfortable. I want to make sure if/when we do meet in person that we still have the ability for others to gather virtually at the same time over Zoom.

Have a great rest of the week and I’ll see you on Zoom this Friday!


Are you pursuing a program….or pursuing a person?

Did you catch that catchy question in this week’s devotional readings? Lots of great nuggets, as Rob Miller would say….but that little piece explained on Day 9, certainly caught my attention today.

Mark Joyce

Our devotional readings this week are Days 7 through Day 12. You’ll breeze through them in under 15 minutes….but then set the book down, and pick it back up a few hours later and read them again. Jott down what nuggets speak to you!

Mark Joyce will lead us this week! Very excited to hear Mark on Friday….and grateful he’s stepping up for the first time to lead our group! (Wink, Wink….no pressure on the rest of you to lead soon as well!) And hopefully Mark will include his thoughts on “program versus person”!

Same Zoom invite as before. Please gather at 7:30 am ET. Mark will introduce this week’s lesson at 7:45 am ET.


New Series: Getting Around the Loser’s Limp

Happy post-Easter, gentlemen! I hope everyone enjoyed a brief break over the holiday and Spring Break. This week “begins anew”….a new series and a journey of 90 days of devotionals.

We’ll begin tomorrow, Friday, with the first six devotions of our book, “No More Excuses” by Tony Evans. If you haven’t ordered the book yet, please do that in the next day or so. (See my previous post on this site for the Amazon link to the book.) And plan to join us on Friday regardless if you’ve gotten the book, haven’t read the assigned devotions this week….or even both!

Mike Lenhart

The scripture reading for the first six are as follows:

  • Colossians 1:17
  • John 1:1
  • Romans 3:23
  • 1 John 1:9
  • Philippians 2:8
  • John 14:6

Also, if you have the book, read the author’s introduction section where he lays out a sports-minded theme, referencing the term “loser’s limp”. Think about the outfielder or wide receiver who misses the catch, stumbles down, but gets up limping as if to blame the error on a pulled hamstring.

“Not so fast” says our author!

As you prepare for the 90-days journey ahead, ask yourself are you blaming a fake injury on losing focus to God’s teachings….do you have a “loser’s limp”? I know at times I certainly do….and this next 90 days is all about developing some muscle memory so we no long use a false injury to mask what’s really causing us to lose focus.

Zoom invites are the same as before. I look forward to seeing you virtually in the morning and kicking off our new series.


Wednesday of Holy Week….nothing too spectacular!

Men….it’s now Wednesday of Holy Week. Is this the calm before the storm of the last few days: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday…. leading us up to Sunday’s Easter Celebration?

Let’s quickly review the events so far. 

Last Sunday, “Palm Sunday”, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey.   He is once again the unassuming King even though the fanfare seems equal to others coming from more traditional royalty.  Jesus is reaching rock star status!

Next on Monday, Jesus drives the money changers out of the temple.  Famously, the Bible says He chased out the others from the temple saying, “My house will be a house of prayer; but you have made it a den of robbers.”  Some accounts of Monday describe Jesus as angry, driving out the sellers with a whip.

On Tuesday, Judas is approached by the chief priests where he agrees to betray Jesus.  An agreement is reached, money exchanged, and Judas waits for an opportunity to hand Jesus over to them when no crowds might be present.

Now….we’ve reached Wednesday. Nothing happened on Wednesday, right?

Wait a minute.  This is one of the most famous weeks in the Bible and you mean to tell me nothing happened on one of the days?  Were the Biblical scribes of the time asleep on Wednesday?  Did something happen, and the records just get lost?  

I suppose the answer is up for interpretation.

Consider this as you ponder some other messages in the events leading up to the Resurrection.  Maybe, Jesus and his followers were simply exhausted.  It had been a very busy last couple of days.  Parades in Jerusalem.  Getting a little postal on the merchants in the temple.  Perhaps it’s not a far stretch to believe that the human emotions of needing rest consumed Jesus.

Human.  Sometimes we get lost in the fact that Jesus walked this earth as a human.  He experienced emotions, highs and lows, anger and joy.  He probably got sick every now and then too.

Maybe, too, Jesus, the “human”, was having some doubts about what he was supposed to do in order to fulfill our Father’s promise:  Sending His only son to wipe away our sins.  If you knew your death was quickly approaching, wouldn’t you take a day to “stay under the radar”?

Admittedly, I have many days where I have doubts in God’s promise to us.  We live in a broken world and that creates many broken people.  I’m no different.  We know what’s promised at the end….but yet, we ignore that message.

This year, as you celebrate the Resurrection story, give some thought to the calm that occurred in the middle of the week.  Jesus takes a pause, briefly, to collect his thoughts.  Here’s the good news, however.  Like many of us, Jesus was perhaps at a crossroad.  He chose to fulfill his Father’s promise.  And we are all forgiven as a result of that decision.  How hard can it be for us to pick up our own crosses in daily life with a more dedicated focus on God’s promise?

My prayer this week as we take a “break” from a Friday gathering is not only for the blessings of this Easter season, but also that we remember Jesus walked among us as “human”, knows any possible situation we might experience, and yet died for our sins that we might enjoy everlasting life.

It’s okay to have doubts.  It’s God’s way of calling attention to times when you need to “pause” and allow time to reflect.

Next week, we’ll gather and begin a new study. After considering many of your inputs, I’m going to recommend we follow Robert Shaw’s suggestion of digging into some weekly devotionals. To that end, I’d like for us to go on a 90-day journey of devotionals. Each week, we’ll read the seven devotionals in the book below…..Saturday after our weekly gathering through the next Friday’s planned gathering. And each week, I’d ask that one person from the group plans to lead the lesson on that Friday.

And it’s a clean white page every week. When it’s your turn to lead, you can cover all seven devotions, a handful, or simply one that spoke to you.

Simple stuff….and I know we’re up to the task.

90 days. That’s my commitment I’m asking each of you to join me on starting Friday….April 9th.

Here’s the book for you to purchase in advance:

“No More Excuses: A 90 Day Devotional for Men” by Tony Evans

Blessings this Easter season!