New Webpage….New Study!

Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship (FMMF) begins a new chapter this week as we launch a new “site-specific” webpage AND a new study.  To date, we’ve finished two studies; one on the Lee Strobel book, “The Case for Christ” and the second, the Gospel of John.

Our next study will be a short one, only 8 weeks in length.  This Friday, JUN 24th, we’ll begin covering the book, “The True Measure of a Man” written by Richard Simmons.  Please note that we will be meeting at the home of Mike Lenhart this Friday to kick-off the new study.  Address is:

1609 Sterling Road

Charlotte, NC 28209

Here’s one summary of the book:

“You don’t have to be a business executive or professional to be driven by an insatiable desire for recognition and success. Men from all walks of life are prone to competition and comparison. If you’ve ever asked yourself what people think of you as a man–whether you measure up in their eyes–welcome to the club! Men fall into this trap every day.

In his new book, The True Measure of a Man, Richard Simmons presents new parameters, coupled with a surprising paradox, for assessing your worth as a man. The old measurements simply don’t work when times get tough! The core message of The True Measure of a Man is that it’s more important to build personal qualities that can weather the storms of life than outward achievements, which fall woefully short when they bottom drops out.”

Here’s what some are saying after reading the book:

“Richard E. Simmons’ book is so full of common sense and practicality. It is especially poignant and meaningful at such a critical time in our country . . .”
—Ben Crenshaw, two-time Masters Tournament champion

“The True Measure of a Man is a book I wish I had written, which is about the best compliment I can pay to any book. It is what I would call a great read—both accessible and profound in its understanding of the inner forces that make up the male psychology . . .”
—Bob Buford, author of Halftime and Finishing Well

The True Measure of a Man is a book for every man of every faith or no faith at all. He’ll learn why he doesn’t have to live with the guilt, insecurity, and fear that most men experience but often pretend they don’t.”
—Fred Barnes, Executive Editor, The Weekly Standard, and Fox News commentator

This week, we’ll cover Chapter 1 of the book.  Mike will lead the discussion.

Join us this week as we kick-off a new series!  All are welcome!

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