Chinks in Your Armor; Cracks in Your Mask

This week’s lesson comes from Chapter 2 of our study on “The True Measure of a Man“.  The chapter title is Life is, after all, difficult.  So true is this statement, isn’t it, men?  Our author describes a time where he had taught his 13-year old son how to mow the grass….something for me as the step-dad of two young boys, I will certainly be able to relate to in a couple more years….”free cheap, yard labor!”.  However, on this one particular day, the author’s son was not feeling well and yet the lawn needed mowing.  Not to worry, our author decided to mow the grass himself and let his son rest.

At one point, the son comes out to talk with his dad and at the same time, the next-door neighbor, an older woman, comes home from the grocery store.  The dad and son politely wave, and the son returns back inside to rest.  Our author returns to mowing the grass.  But the older woman was making several trips back and forth carrying the heavy bags of grocery without any assistance from others, including our author and his son.
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