Your Legacy as Portrayed on Facebook!

I’m old enough (or young enough, perhaps) to remember when Facebook first came into existence.  It was January 2004, created by current CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and originally launched as “”.  The initial purpose of the website was to help college students “connect” with one another, making it easier to forge relationships.

Boy has that all changed now!

Facebook and the explosion of other social mediums like Twitter, Instagram, and others, allows anyone and everyone to have a global reach, giving the ability to “spout off” whatever is on our minds.  Facebook also allows for a widely stretching of one’s persona.  Is anyone really who they portray themselves to be on the popular website.  Life is good, after all, in the world of social media.  We have the perfect families, perfect jobs, beautiful mates, and take extravagant vacations.  This perfectness leads one to believe that everything is “peachy-keen” (as we often say here in the South).

But just like our first chapter, we often find ourselves asking “what’s below the waterline”?  Chapter three this week takes that question a step further by stating: “A man gets his identity in life based on how the most important person in his life sees him.”  What will we be known for after we’ve departed this earthly place?  Isn’t this really about “legacy”?
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