What Color is Your Grass?

My wife and I were traveling back from a much needed….and appreciated….vacation last weekend.  As we were several thousand feet above nothing but ocean, I was feeling a little perturbed because the airlines did not offer wi-fi nor was there an in-flight movie available.  But then a little voice whispered in my ear, figuratively speaking, saying “First world problems….”.  Immediately, I changed my attitude, dug down into my carry-on bag to find my book, and began reading this week’s chapter of our current study appropriately titled, “A Life of Contentment“.

Maybe it was the lack of air turbulence or perhaps the fresh peanuts, but I couldn’t put down the book!  This week, we’ll talk about how men are continually feeling the need to look for the “next best thing” rather than be content with our current situation.  Our author explains this as follows:

“Isn’t it just true that we are also at risk of spending too much of our time imagining a brighter future rather than living well in the present?”

Hmmm….noodle on that one for a little bit.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking.  “Well, that’s just crazy?  What ever happened to having the personal drive to achieve greater things, climb higher mountains, and make more money?”  I mean, isn’t that the American Way, rather than be stuck in a continual mode of stagnation?  Who wants to take that laissez faire attitude anyway!

Our author explains his approach, however, as a better path to take.  He equates the approach to the “grass is greener somewhere else” attitude as one of the main reasons why we are so discontent with our lives because we are always comparing ourselves to others.

Stay tuned this week as I’ll back up the author’s assertions with some recommended examples from the Apostle Paul.  I’m certain this will generate some heartfelt discussions.

Fellowship starts this Friday at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center.  I’ll launch into our review this week around 7:45 am.

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