LOVE Your Neighbor


Love your neighbor…..why do we do this?  Well, for starters, Jesus said we should when he spelled out the Ten Commandants.  Beyond that imperative, it’s simply the human thing to do.  It’s been a rough few days in Charlotte and our city is under the national spotlight.  Beyond our planned lesson for this week, I hope we can join together, bow our heads and pray for a peaceful end to the violence.

Jason will lead us this week in chapters 7 through 9.  I’ve updated our overall schedule below based on last week’s feedback.

SEP 23:  Chapter 7 – Chapter 9 (34 pages):  Jason

SEP 30:  Chapter 10 – Chapter 13 (36 pages):  Brian

OCT 7:  Chapter 14 – Chapter 17 (40 pages):  Aaron

OCT 14:  Chapter 18 – Chapter 22 (44 pages):  Mike

OCT 21:  Chapter 23 – Chapter 25 and afterward:  Jon

I’ll see you this week in fellowship!  Gather at 7:30 am at the Cornwell Center front parlor.  Ready to dig into our lesson starting at 7:45 am.

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