Soccer Coaching Woes….Treasure or Hatchet??


Boy…has this book been weighing on my mind lately!  I’m currently coaching both of my step-sons on the same soccer team as the assistant coach.  We’re two games into the season and our record is one loss and one tie!

Last Saturday, however, the team seemed very sluggish during the second half and lacked some aggression that this almost 50 years old but still very competitive individual would have preferred to see!  I immediately found myself drifting off to planning mode, thinking of some drills that I would run at the next practice to get them more into the attitude of winners, in my opinion…..clearly a hatchet strategy, right?

Immediately after those coaching thoughts, came a little voice in my head saying, “treasure….hatchet…..treasure….hatchet….”.

Adjustment made….very quickly!

This week we’re nearing the final stretch with Brian leading our discussion on Chapter 10 – Chapter 13 (36 pages).

And, worth mentioning, if you’re not caught up with the reading, come regardless!  I promise you’ll get a lot more out of the fellowship then you would sitting in traffic, wondering if Starbucks’s will have a long line or not!

See you this Friday at The Cornwell Center.  Gather at 7:30 am, ready for Brian’s lesson at 7:45 am!

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