Let’s Talk About Prayers….

This week’s focus is on Session 5 of our Study Guide and Chapter 10 of the main book.  We’re going to talk about “prayers”….how to do them, what they mean, what blocks good prayers from happening, and what best allows prayers to happen.  All of this in a one-hour gathering this Friday!

Each week, I’ve mentioned the daily devotionals that appear at the end of the Study Guide sessions.  This week, keeping with our theme of prayer, I’d like everyone to read at least two of the devotionals in advance.  Come this Friday prepared to talk about at least one of them!

  • “Get Intentional with Prayer”:  Matthew 6:7-8
  • “Pray with Right Motives”:  James 4:3
  • “Pray in Secret”:  Matthew 6:6
  • “Prayer and Fasting”:  Acts 14:19-23
  • “Abiding in Christ”:  John 15:5-7

Gather at 7:30 am in the front parlor room of The Cornwell Center.  We’ll start at 7:45 am with this week’s lesson.  Mike will lead the group this Friday.


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