Really…no homework??

I find myself asking my kids that at least once or twice a week when they tell me they don’t have homework on that particular evening.  My “spidey sense” really perks up when their “no homework tonight” response comes on the same night as Monday Night Football or, more recently, Halloween!

But we really do not have any FMMF “homework” this Friday as we continue with our faith testimonies.  This week, John Ramey will share his story.

Don’t forget to sign up for your own time slot.  We have space available for next week and on DEC 1st.

Lastly, John and I have been talking about our next planned study.  More on that this Friday, but it’s a great tie-in to the Advent season ahead.

See you this Friday.  Bring your coffee and get settled in by 7:45 am.


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