Announcing “The People of the Nativity” series!

In case you missed this morning’s FMMF, we announced our next series that will start NEXT week, NOV 10th, and will go for 5 weeks.  This series, called “The People of the Nativity”, will align nicely with the church’s advent season.

And we’ll still plan to have one person share his personal testimony throughout the next few weeks as well.  I’ve updated the sign up sheet for those testimonies at this LINK.

The study guide for the Nativity series can be found at the Resources tab on this site.  You’ll also find spaces on the Sign Up Genius link for the personal testimonies for weekly leaders on the new series.  Please sign up for one you’d like to lead!  It should be no surprise to anyone that this self-professed chicken farmer has signed up for Lesson Four titled “The Shepherds“.

Note that right out of the gate we’ll need someone to step up for Lesson One next Friday!

Finally, looking ahead into January 2018, we’ll tackle our first series of the new calendar year, Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur.

Have a great weekend!



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