Tracing Genes: Abraham to the Manger

I’m very excited that we’re cracking the “books” on a new series this week, “The People of the Nativity”.  Lesson One traces the genealogy of Jesus, from “father” Abraham to Christ’s birth.  There are three primary sections we’ll learn about as we trace this genealogy:  God’s mercy, God’s judgement, and God’s faithfulness.

Rob Miller will lead us this week as we tackle Lesson One.  If you need the participant guide, please to to the Resources page and download it there.

Reminder that we’re taking the next two weeks off as our “Fall Break”, of sorts.  Mike will be in El Salvador next week followed by the Thanksgiving holiday after that.  We’ll tackle Lesson Two on DEC 1st.  John Ramey will lead that lesson.

Also, reminder that we’ve got spots remaining for individual testimonies AND leaders for lessons three and five.  Please sign up today!

See you on Friday!


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