Munchkins Amok!

Quick reminder that FMMF Charlotte is taking a “break” this week…..Spring Break, more likely.  We’ll gather next Friday, April 13th, to kick off a new series:  “Jesus Outside the Lines: A Way Forward for Those Who Are Tired of Taking Sides” by Scott Saul.

If you haven’t ordered the book yet, please do that in advance.  Mike will lead the first week’s session, giving an overview of the book and our planned schedule for the study.  Rumor has it that he’s also bringing Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins for the “kick-off”. There’s some additional motivation!

Who can you invite to join us as we start a new series?  Extend out the invitation to a friend, family member, or work colleague today!

In the meantime, enjoy the week off!  We’ll see you NEXT Friday….in Fellowship!

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