Easter Blessings

It was Wednesday of Holy Week where Judas Iscariot made a bargain for 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ.  This was predestined, of course.  And our FMMF Charlotte group knows this based on our recent study!

In some countries, like Poland, children throw effigies of Judas from the tops of churches, dragging them through the streets, while beating them with sticks and stones.

Wednesday of Holy Week also signifies, according to some, when Jesus was anointed by an expensive jar of alabaster by an unnamed woman in Bethany in the home of Simon the leper.

And so….the final days leading up to Christ’s fulfillment of His promise begin….

As a reminder, we’re off until Friday, April 13th when we’ll gather to start our next study:  “Jesus Outside the Lines

Please order your book today so you’re ready for our first lesson on the 13th.  Mike will lead that initial “kick off” of the new series.

Have a blessed Easter weekend and Spring Break!


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