Reminder: We Live in a Broken, Messy World….How Can This Be?

If there were a headline for this week’s lesson, it might be something like this:
“The problem of pain and suffering is one of the biggest reasons why people keep their distance from God.”

I remember the first time I traveled to El Salvador for a church mission trip.  Shocked, is the best way to describe my feelings, witnessing suffering and poverty; a community living on pennies each day.  It was easy for me to have deep questions such as “how can this be?”

This week, we’ll tackle the notion that through all the world’s suffering, are we encouraged with hope, or disheartened by the realism?  Our reading assignment is Chapter 9:  “Hope or Realism?”

Maybe, we’ll see through this week’s reading that there’s a bigger picture?  After all, God’s long-term promises continue to be infinitely more real than any present, broken realities.

Mike leads us this week.  Only one more chapter after this week.  Gather at the Cornwell Center at 7:30 am.  We’ll kick things off at 7:45 am




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