Playing Catch (Up) this Week!

After spending a week at Boy Scout camp with 22 boys under my watch….I’m relieved to be back in the land of frozen ice cream, the Golf Channel, my backyard chickens, and (most importantly) a comfortable bed!  “Tent living” for 6 nights…made me realize that I’ve gotten very “SOFT” since leaving the military years ago!

For the most part, we’ve reached the end of our study this week.  Formally, let’s talk about Chapter 10, which I will lead.  And we can “catch up” on any of the previous chapters/topics this week….as well as next week’s wrap-up session.

Playing “catch” always reminds me of one of my favorite movies….”The Natural” about the fictional baseball character, Roy Hobbs….“the best there ever was….”.

This week, we’re at the Cornwell Center.  Next Friday, we’re at the Charlotte Cafe for the wrap up.

See you on the 29th at the Cornwell Center, beginning at 7:30 am.  I’ll start our lesson at 7:45 am.



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