Out with the OLD….In with the NEW!

This week, we’ll wrap-up our series on “Jesus Outside the Lines” by Rev. Scott Sauls.  It’s been a great study!  For this week’s final lesson, please read the Epilogue section of the book and come prepared to discuss.

Also note that we’re meeting at the Charlotte Cafe for breakfast this Friday, our “tradition” each time we complete a series!  Please join us at 7:30 am at the Park Road Shopping Center location.

I’ll also introduce our next series……drum roll please….!

“How God Makes Men:  Ten Epic Stories.  Ten Proven Principles.  One Huge Promise for Your Life” by Patrick Morley.  This 10 week series will run from July 20th until September 28th.  We’ll take the Friday before Labor Day “off” but otherwise will meet each week.

ORDER the book on AMAZON at this LINK.

Weekly Leader Sign Ups for our next series are NOW live on the website:  SIGN UP FOR NEXT SERIES

Please order the book ($11.99) in advance of next Friday’s kickoff lesson; Chapter 1:  Abraham: How God Makes Man’s Faith Stronger.

If you haven’t been to FMMF in a few weeks, now’s a great time to jump right back into a rhythm!  Come this week as we conclude one series, and launch our next one!

See you this week, as Mike leads our discussion and fellowship.



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