Getting Our Cleats in the Turf!

We’re kicking off a new section of the book this week; “Stand Firm in the Faith“.  Our homework this week is to read chapters 17 and 18.  The last section talked about how a quality man watches over his family; “be watchful…“.  However, this week, we’ll see that being watchful can be directed in the wrong areas if that urgency is pointed to the wrong stuff or wrong time.

Are you confused yet?

Fear not!  Here’s where you need to focus this week.  In chapter 17, think about our tendency to pray for what our author calls “easier paths” instead of “stronger shoes (cleats)”.  And in chapter 18, the key message is the discussion on the five most important Gospel words that provide an essential level of clarity for that firmness.

So, standing firm (in our faith) and having clarity (in our convictions) are the key pillars for this week.  Mike leads us this Friday and will drill down a little deeper into those concepts.

See you at The Cornwell Center starting at 7:30 am!


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