Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Last week, we kicked off the latest section of our study of “Act Like Men” with the theme of “Stand Firm in the Faith”.  Recall the analogy of digging in your cleats….the singular protruding cleat located at the top of the bottom-side of the shoe, allows football players (especially linemen) to really…”dig in”.

And this week we’re transitioning to answering the questions about “why do we need to dig in”?

Well…..crisis is coming, according to our author.  And for us men, somethings that crisis is what’s necessary to get our attention.  And with that attention grabbing….God gives us clarity.

Ironically, my wife and I are teaching a Sunday school class this coming weekend to a group of 8th graders with the topic of “why to bad things happen to good people“.  I think there’s some parallels to this week’s homework, Chapters 19 and 20, that will help with this weekend’s audience of 8th graders as well.

So, read the short chapters in advance of Friday’s gathering at The Cornwell Center.  Mike leads us again this week, due to Rob’s surgery on Friday.  Please keep Brother Rob in your thoughts and prayers!

See you tomorrow…..7:30 am to gather; 7:45 am start time.


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