The Shrinking of the Cross

Welcome to our second lesson of our new study series, “The Gospel-Centered Life” by Robert H. Thune and Will Walker.  Your homework is to ready the second chapter of the book….come prepared to talk about the key ideas from our authors.

You’ll find as you start the reading that there are two primary ways we drift from a gospel-centered life:

Pretending:  When we “pretend” to be something we aren’t, we minimize our sins

Performing:  When we lower God’s “bar” in our lives, thereby making His standard easier to achieve, we minimize God’s holiness in our lives

Lots more to unpack in this week’s lesson…..Rob Miller will lead our discussions.  As always, gather at The Cornwell Center beginning at 7:30 am.  Rob kicks things off around 7:45 am.

Have a great rest of the week!


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