Are you Sunny?

Inside joke, perhaps.

I’ve been asking our men on Friday morning’s about their individual “weather forecasts”….Are you feeling sunny today?  Partly cloudy? Or maybe rainy?

It’s a rainy week currently in Charlotte but supposed to clear up by Friday….Regardless, we’re meeting to cover the second-to-last chapter in our book: Chapter 9 “James – the less; Simon – the zealot; and Judas (not Iscariot) – the apostle with three names”.

Next week, our final week, we’ll cover Judas, the traitor.

So, back to this week, however, we’ll discover that the three apostles in this final group seem to be less intimate with Christ than the other eight we’ve already discussed.  In fact, not much is really written at all about the three men we’ll talk about this week.  But in that lack of information we’ll attempt to connect the dots with many of the clues given by our author.  One conclusion you might reach is the one thing that sets these three men apart from others in the Gospel accounts is the durability of their personal faith.

More on that this Friday as Jonathan Smith takes the reigns to lead this week.

I’ll see you on Friday morning at The Cornwell Center!


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