Judas: Choosing the Easier Wrong over the Harder Right

My good friend and fellow FMMF Charlotte participant, John Paschal, will agree with the title of this week’s reminder.  Back when John and I were classmates at West Point, we learned early about West Point’s line in the sand when it comes to questions of moral integrity:  “Always choose the harder right over the easier wrong”.

When I think about the subject of this week’s final lesson from “12 Ordinary Men”, I have often wondered if Judas struggled in his mind about the decisions he would be making.  Did he ever quarral with himself asking, “should I take the harder right…or the easier wrong?”  From a human perspective, Judas had the same amount of potential as all the others we’ve studied.  So how did things STILL go wrong for him?

There’s a lesson, naturally, in the story of Judas for us today.  I think many of us are often faced with similar decisions….monthly, weekly, ….. even daily!

I’ll wrap up our study of 12 Ordinary Men this Friday.  Recall, that I asked everyone which disciple you mostly identified with before reading the book.  Now, I’ll ask again and it will be interesting to see if anyone has changed their mind.

See you Friday at 7:30 am at the Cornwell Center.  Lesson starts at 7:45 am!


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