Sticky Faith: In Whom Do We Place Our Trust?

Week two of our series on “Sticky Faith”.  Homework this week is to read chapter 2.  As was mentioned last week when we kicked off the series, each chapter is divided into two parts: Part 1 is “sticky findings” and part 2 is “sticky faith made practical”.

Rob Miller leads us this week as he’ll translate our authors’ messages around “in whom do we (I) place our faith”.  I loved the two quotes at the beginning of the chapter…..very STRONG right out of the gate and certainly set the tone for this week’s lesson:

“God is not the friend he was in high school. He is now more like the grandparent in the home that I visit only on holidays or special occasions”


“My parents were both raised in Christian families but how they shaped me had a lot more to do with being a cultural Christian than being in a personal relationship with Jesus.”


“YES”…..I can relate…..and “YES” I can relate…..!

We’ll gather this Friday at 7:45 am ET via Zoom web-conferencing.  Here’s the access information:


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