Can We Talk???


How do the conversations go in your household?  If you have teenagers, I mean, how DO those conversations go?

Growing up, my parents didn’t talk about any of the tougher subjects: drinking, drugs, sex, etc.  They just expected, maybe through osmosis or something, they my brother, sister and I would make smart choices.  And, you know what….99% of the time we did just that….made smart choices.

So were we lucky in our household….or were we the most amazing, Leave It To Beaver, kids ever to walk the planet?  Maybe we’ll never know.

This week we’re focusing on the majority of American households where “leaving it to luck” is cannot be a reliable parenting strategy.  Homework this week is to read Chapter 4, “Sticky Faith Conversations”.  I’m happy to be leading this week….

We’ll continue to meet via Zoom.  Here’s the meeting information:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 884 2307 8742

We’ll open up the Zoom at 7:30 am ET, with the lesson starting at 7:45 am ET.

See you then!


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