Bigfoot and Sticky Faith!?


I binged watched a show on the Travel Channel last weekend called “Expedition Big Foot“.  Fascinating!  Not sure if I’m sold on the notion that a species of hairy, smelly, 7-8 foot tall, human-like creatures exists…but the technology used throughout this series was amazing!  (Click on the image below for more details.)

So what does “Bigfoot” have to do with this week’s lesson, Chapter 5 from Sticky Faith?  Probably not much….truthfully.  I mean, this week’s focus is around the “who” are our kids aligned with outside of the immediately family.  And doubtful that anyone has a Sasquatch included into their circle….but that would be very incredible!

What I found most interesting in this week’s reading is this concept of “balance” as part of the segregation (or not) of youth church programming/development and what our authors describe as the rest of the congregation.  Pay close attention to that theme as you read this week.

Tim Sydejko leads us this week as we continue Zoom meetings.  Details listed below.  Feel free to join at 7:30 am ET for “checking in with friends”.  Lesson will begin at 7:45 am ET.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 884 2307 8742

See you then!


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