Assuming we have tomorrow, and missing out on today….

Is there someone or something in your life that has to be “on” all the time? In other words, think about a job where that person cannot be less than 100% on any given day. For those people, being “less” can literally be the difference between life or death.

When I was the company commander of an airborne infantry company at Fort Bragg, NC, I also had the additional responsibility of being a “jump master”. A jump master is someone who’s been trained to inspect paratroopers before boarding the aircraft, inspects the opening of the door during flight, and “pushes” the soldiers out the door into (many times) the dark abyss of falling into gravity.

I loved being a jump master and I especially took great pride that on many jumps, my own soldiers would line up in front of me, instead of other jump masters because they knew I always had my “game on”. They knew if I was inspecting their parachute equipment, then then would be safe.

They had no idea if on any given day, on any given jump, if I was less than 100%.

But without fail, I always took that job extremely seriously and I never took shortcuts, regardless if any of my soldiers questioned that or not.

Years later, I was often asked by my friends who were civilians if I ever got scared or nervous when I was getting ready to exit an aircraft during flight.

“Every single time….”, I would always reply.

To their amazement, I would follow up by saying, “The day I’m not nervous, was the day I’m not completely focused. The day I’m not my 100% best!”

Jon Paschal

This week, our reading assignment is Chapter 6, “Act as if your life depends on it”. Our author discusses this concept of not discounting today, because tomorrow might not ever come. He’s really talking about giving our 100% every day, right?

Jon Paschal leads us this week and I’ve included the video primer below. Let’s gather starting at 7:30 am ET. Lesson starts at 7:45 am ET.

Peace, gents!

Chapter 6 of “Save the Last Arrow” (video primer)

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