What Matter Most?

I’m traveling this week for a guys’ golf trip to Arizona. But luckily, I’ve worked the tee times so I’ll be able to join our group on Friday morning. I know I’ll have a strong cup of coffee in front of me since the timezone is 2 hours behind Charlotte! It will be 5:45 am when I join you all!

Be gentle to me!

All kidding aside, just as the rebranding of our group states, there’s no better way to “start” my day than with you all.

Now, let’s talk about this week’s chapter: Chapter 7: Stand Your Ground. I’m planning on reading on the plane today but I’ve quickly watched the primer video (below). In that video, McManus asks “What matters most to you to stand your ground?

Chapter 7: Stand Your Ground

I can’t wait to read the chapter today…because I can think of several times where I’ve stood firm on convictions…but that’s never an easy thing to do. In fact, many times, standing firm also means “standing all alone.”

But we are never alone when we stand firm with God. Amen….amen!

Tim Sydejko

Tim leads us this week….can’t wait to hear him on Friday!

Have a great Thursday….I’ll see you guys Friday morning…Please gather at over Zoom at 7:30 am ET….and we’ll get going at 7:45 am ET.


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