Giants to Kill and Dragons to Slay

Men….this week marks the completion of another book study; another series designed to build our character, call us to look inward and outward, and hone our skills as leaders. Many times, when we reach the end of a series, we’ll do a fair summary, discuss what we learned as the “bigger themes” and then move on to talking about the next study.

I don’t want to do that as quickly this time however. Like many of you, I’ve loved this book. Maybe it’s the video primers we’ve watched each week were Erwin McManus really personifies the messages. “Visuals” certainly help, right? But more than that, in Chapter 10 for this week, our author talks about being “battle ready”.

So….are we battle ready? Do we feel ready to “kill the giants and slay the dragons”?

And what are the battles we need to be ready to fight? Let’s talk about it this week.

Reminder that we’ll gather in-person at Community Matters Cafe, for those who feel comfortable doing so. We’ve reserved the back room beginning at 7:30 am. I’ll also have the Zoom up and running per normal so we can dial in those who can’t meet in person.

Mike Lenhart

Sharing the Chapter 10 video below. I’ve watched it a couple times now…and love what Erwin has to say. Here’s my favorite quote:

“…how will we ever know how much is in us? How will we ever discover the strength that God has placed in us? How will we ever know the courage that is waiting to be awakened in us; the hero that’s waiting to be awakened in us…..if God doesn’t trust us with the great battles? There are giants to kill….and dragons to slay….”

Erwin McManus
Chapter 10: Battle Ready

Have a great rest of the week. I’ll see you on Friday.


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