Brady versus Mahomes: Who Wins?

When it comes to arguments, Dale Carnegie once wrote:

“You can’t win an argument. You can’t because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it.”

Dale Carnegie, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

This Friday we wrap up another study series, specifically by reading the final chapter of the book, entitled, “Please Disagree with Me“. As I read the chapter this week, I was filled with a mixture of emotions….and certainly recalled some stories that I’ll share this Friday. (NOTE: Bonus points if you read the Conclusion section of the book…but I’m not expecting us to cover that this Friday.)

If, like me, when you’re reading the chapter, you might question our author’s point when attempts to sway us away from this concept of “winner and losers”. We can’t have a Super Bowl, where both teams get the Lombardi trophy at the end right? We can’t have celebratory viral videos of both Tom Brady AND Patrick Mahomes tossing their respective trophies from one group of drunken pontoon boat party goers to another!

Mike Lenhart

By the end of the chapter, I’m more inclined to believe “football”, with its many parallels to everyday life, in fully unparrel when it comes to finding the “messy middle ground” of cultural disagreements.

That doesn’t mean I won’t cheer for Brady and Mahomes…..certainly I will do that. But when it comes to the toxic nature of much of our culture today….I might follow a (new) different way of thinking.

And, if you don’t agree with any of that…..then this chapter is for you….and for me….and for our discussion this Friday!

So….please disagree with me. And let’s talk it out on Friday.

See you at 7:30 am ET over Zoom.


Politically, I don't care what party you're from, offer a point of view and let's see what happens and really debate the issues rather than use personal attacks. Really talk about it, talk about immigration, talk about education, talk about pollution. - Robin Williams

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