Josh Jones: “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust”

We’re in-between series and again I’m excited to share a couple excellent individuals who will reveal their faith stories with our group.

Eric Reeves will join us NEXT WEEK, so more on him early next week.

THIS WEEK, my good friend, Josh Jones, will share his testimony. Some of you might know Josh as co-owner of Jones & Hedges Custom Home Builders. Others may know him as one of the top fund raisers for the annual 24 Hours of Booty event right here in Charlotte (Myers Park).

*Photography credit: Laurel Belle Photography

Josh and I are frequent running partners….and you learn a lot about someone, especially on those dark mornings, where there are few runners, the cold rain is coming down…and you really just want to “get through it” as quickly as possible so you can get home and take a warm shower. I’ve had a couple mornings with Josh that fit that scenario…with one exception: talking to Josh, hearing his subtle testimony on a run…and you won’t want the run to end. I’m honored to “share” my friend Josh with our men’s group this week. His story is a tear-jerker, as he’ll share the heartbreak of losing their 3-year old daughter, Libby, to leukemia in 2014. His story is also a triumph recognizing God’s plan in all of this….and how he’s continues Libby’s legacy by raising thousands of dollars annually in her honor.

In full transparency, I fell two times during early morning runs in 2019…and both of those times were when I was running alone, just Josh and me! I promise he didn’t push me, however! I just wasn’t watching where I was running on those particular days….I was intently listening to Josh!

Please gather starting at 7:30 am ET over Zoom. You will be receiving the 2021 Zoom recurring meeting series invite later this week. Josh will speak to the group starting at 7:45 am ET.

Have a great week!

Josh and Mike at start of 24 Hours of Booty (July, 2019)

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