Beware of the Killer B’s!

We’re up to Chapter 5 in our study this week of The True Measure of a Man.  Our chapter is titled “A Man’s Truth” and lays out the premise that men’s foundations are developed during three specific times in their lives; during the early years of competitions on the playground; later in puberty; and finally in our professional careers.  Our author simply refers to these three periods as the cultural progression toward false masculinity.  I call them the “killer B’s:  from ball field to bedroom to bill fold (as pointed out on page 61)

So how to do we tackle these periods and how can we develop more Christ-like in our lives?  The answers to that question will be our focus this Friday.  Here’s a hint:  While Christ was actually not overly religious, arguably; Christ lived in a very religious culture and was often contemptuous with the religious leaders of his time.  Even today, the thought of being Christ-like may seem far from masculine.  But what our author says we can learn from Christ’s model is how we can be transformed in our character, grow in our wisdom, and seek quality in all our relationships.

That’s our discussion strategy for this week.  Join us in fellowship beginning at 7:30 am at The Cornwell Center’s front parlor room.

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