Careful When Getting Close to Sinners….

We’re moving into the next phase of our study of Scott Saul’s book, “Jesus Outside the Lines” this week as we tackle Chapter 5: “Affirmation or Critique?”  To some, this chapter may be tricky.  How many of us have realized we need to be critical of one person’s actions, all the while realizing that we too are at fault?

“Hello, pot….this is kettle……!”

To me, one of the more striking dichotomies in this chapter is this belief that as Christians, we are called to be closer to Jesus in order to be further from sin.  But then again, the closer we become to Jesus, the closer we will be to sinners, including ourselves.


I’m so glad John Ramey is leading this week since I’m already planning to go through the chapter twice before Friday!

We’re back at the Cornwell Center this week.  Please gather starting at 7:30 am for fellowship.  John will kick off the lesson at 7:45 am.

Have a great week!


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