Calling All Super Heroes!

Have you seen the new movie that’s out called “The Avengers”?  Sadly, I have not…but both my sons have and they said it was great!  Box office returns back up their comments as well, with record numbers likewise seeing the film.

This week, we’ll need our own set of “avengers” or, better said, “super heroes”, gathered for a double-lesson.  Last week, we had limited attendance due to personal obligations and business commitments, so I asked last Friday’s leader, John Ramey, if he would punt and instead make plans to share the Chapter 5 lesson this coming Friday.  At the same time, Rob Miller is scheduled to lead this week’s lesson, Chapter 6 of our study, “Accountability or Compassion”.  But, since you’re all super heroes, I have no fears that we can take in all the important points from both chapters!  Buckle up, gents! 

This week’s chapter reminds us of the inevitable truth in describing our last day on Earth:

“We will either be welcomed into a life that’s better than we’ve ever dreamed…..or we will be cast into a life that’s worse than we’ve ever dreaded….” (p. 107)

So, if we all agree to that premise, then what’s the best way to remind each other of that and other “truths”?  Is it very bluntly, a choice that I admittedly tend to choose.  Or, is it through love and compassion?

I don’t have the answer to either of those questions and many more.  But I’m hopeful that both John and Rob will shed some light this Friday.  The leaders are asked to capture the high points from their respective chapters, planning on about 20 minutes each.

Gather at 7:30 am at the Cornwell Center.  Our lesson kicks off at 7:45 am.


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