And That’s a Wrap!

Nearly 40 chapters ago, we started down the path of our current series, “Act Like Men” by James MacDonald, with the marching orders:

“Be watchful.  Stand firm in the faith.  Act like men.  Be strong.  Let all that you do be done in love.”

So how have we measured up?  Are we being watchful?  Are we standing firm in the faith?

Are we acting like men?

Our series wraps up this Friday when Rob Miller will cover chapters 39 and 40.  Take special note of MacDonald’s emphasis on “love” in chapter 39.

For me, the final chapter was most profound.  MacDonald calls for us not to live out our Christian lives as a way to say “thank you” for Christ’s resurrection and the promise of everlasting life.  Sure, that might be true.  However, it’s more material to me when MacDonald explains that our true role is to allow Christ to take up residence in our bodies by the Holy Spirit and living out His resurrected life in everything we do.

Certainly more easier said than done!

Looking ahead, we’ve chosen our next study as “The 4:8 Principle” by Tommy Newhouse.  Order the book ahead of time.  We’ll plan to meet next Friday, 3/22 at The Flying Biscuit in Park Road Shopping Center at 7:30 am to kick-off the new series.  (I’ll share a reminder next week as well.)

As for this week, we’re on our normal schedule; gather at The Cornwell Center starting at 7:30 am.  Rob will start this week’s lesson at 7:45 am.


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